Human Drones – new urban transportation. Human mounted

…… Vishal NARAYAN

There is new concept on the Human Drones. These drones are not managed from ground below but the person mounted on the drone itself. the drone is equipped with sensors to monitor and adjusted speed, altitude and angel of attack based on mounted person action.

There is head mounted system with camera attached for the person to view the path ahead and action. This drone is advance fly-by-wire concept where every action is monitored and controlled by a backpack computer.

for smooth landing and take off this drone is fitted with landing gear and further enhance safety and auto parachute is attached as backup safety feature in case drones run out of fuel/ charge.

Human Drone


Big Data and CPQ: Myths about CPQ -4

….. Vishal Narayan

CPQ generally deals with the Product configuration. Now to configure any product you need information regarding its

  • Geometry – size, shape
  • Functions
  • Installation condition
  • Material
  • How it will transported
  • What is operating condition
  • What are design parameters
  • What is installation and operating cost
  • What is overheads (burden rate)
  • What is labour rate…. so on and so forth….

Now multiple these parameters with the a typical engineering company’s product line… now you are getting into the huge data .

Now take the scenario where all this data needs to be filtered in say about 30mins and produced to customer.

So now enters the concept of big data. the idea is to have the big data technology for data filtration and perform additional analysis.

myths about CPQ – 3

….Vishal Narayan

Continuing with the CPQ technology .

In the market there are two approaches followed by the vendors to sell their CPQ solution

– Based on CRM : Customer Relationship Management namely Salesforce

– Based on CAD: Computer Aided Design namely Solidworks


although on the face of it the approaches seems to radically different

for example various components of CRM


and CAD simply deals with the form, feature and fit of an product.

But these two approaches talk about

– Customer and

– product

Looking at the approaches neither of it is complete in itself.


B’cos the CPQ is all about product and customer. hence any vendor taking only one sided view is bound to lose.

Hence there is needed to have holistic approach to the problem where the design of the product is configured as per the customer rules taking into consideration the CRM concept of customer acquisition.

Hence at the end it can be safely said CPQ is specialized CRM arm will capability to do Product configuration

Airbus Moves to HPC for Big data Analysis

…Vishal Narayan

23 July 2015

There was interesting article on “The Super computing Strategy That Makes Airbus Soar”(  )

This now the next target of Airbus to invest in High Performance computation. This technology would further enhanced Airbus ability to do bid data analysis real time.

As the generated per aircraft reaches gigantic proportions -” Airbus Puts 10,000 Sensors in Every Single Wing!’ ( and aircraft manufactured are pressed hard to provide quick solutions this HPC will be extensive used and would prove to be backbone on future aircraft MROs

life time supply of Body parts Next big thing in Technology : Human Cloning – 1

….  Vishal Narayan

Yes next big thing is human cloning.

It is a fact human are always looking for fountain of youth. they always want to look young.

so answer to this problem is human cloning. Yes, as in computer we do a back up similar would be the case with the cloing techniques

As you are born your clone will be bone and it sell feed and grown as you grow and naturally in case in any organ failure or some accident where your body part is destroyed then this clone will come handy.It is this clone that will help you replace the body part with it own part.

Thus you are reborn.

The clones can give you new skin, new eye, new kidneys. after severing its purpose  the current will be destroyed and new clone would be created

this will ensure life time supply of body parts to you.

myths about CPQ -2

….Vishal Narayan

It is often assumed that only product can be configured. Now the question is what is Product? and what is configured product?

So first what is Configure? As per the standard definition is action to “arrange or put together in a particular form or configuration”.

hence than thing/ object/ product can be configured or ARRANGED.

Now what is product? Even pupil are called Product of a school. So lets us not go into not many details we restrict to the fact any tangible and saleable is a product. it commands price and its availability is scare.

Now going with this definition what all products can be configured? Yes almost all commercial products.

Tings which looked beyond the realms of configurable item in CPQ like aircraft route planning, like inventory management, like seat selection….

Well the fact is CPQ solution is not restricted only to the traditional product as product themselves are evolving and so should the ability of CPQ solutions.

From handling discount models to transport models to warranty model all shall be part of the CPQ modelling solution.

It should answer even the location strategy of after sales department and export control models.

For example an Event Organizing Company can take CPQ solution and help the customization of their product to the T.

So natural question is any Non Standard Products is immediate candidate for CPQ solution.

But that does not leave out Standard Products and assume that there is no need for CPQ solution.

in fact it is the other way round. CPQ standardizes the non standardize product to reduce waste. so the very fact it still lot if desired in terms of standard so is the need of  CPQ solution