#563 1A Cross, 3rd Stage, 4th Block,

Basaveshwar nagar, Bengaluru 560079


Phone no: 9243400771

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I am Mechanical Engineer having total of 17 years of experience in the Information technology industry. With 8 years of experience in – Aircraft Design Industry



To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me job Satisfaction and self-development and help me achieve personal as well as organization social goals.

Employment History

  • Alstom India since June 2016 work as Operation- Transition Manager
  • HCL Technologies from March 2015 till June 2016 as Program Manager and Head of Centre of Excellence for CPQ Centre
  • Airbus India Operations Pvt. Ltd. (subsidiary of AIRBUS) from April 2007 till March 2015 as Team Lead
  • ESI Software (I) Pvt. Ltd., from Dec 2004 till March 2007 as a Project Engineer
  • Geometric Software Solution Ltd. from Feb 2002 till Dec 2004 as a Senior Software Engineer
  • Triad Software from Aug 2000 till Jan 2002 as a Senior Software EngineerI am Operation- Transition Manager for Engineering Applications and handling the transition from the GE to Alstom Transport.  Skill Summary:
  • I have extensive experience in people management and project execution. I have handled large project with team spread across geographies- India and Europe. I am also PMP certified and hold ITIL Foundation Certification.
  • Subsequently once application is switched I am also handling the Operations.
  • Current Job description
  • Project Management: PMP Certification – 1613823 and ITIL Foundation Certification – ITIL/IN076370
  • Programming Languages: CAA, C, C++
  • MS Office
  • High level Architecture diagram
  • Visio and UML
  • Information Technologies: Requirement database Tools: DOORS (Beginner)

On People management

  • Handled large international team consisting of member across – France, Germany, UK, Spain and India
  • Mentoring interns from France and India
  • Training and mentoring for new resources and developing training plans
  • I am responsible for annual appraisals –deciding on Variable pay and hikes. Evaluating competencies and people review.
  • I am also involved in developing “career path” and strategy. I also developed training plan in accordance to requirement..
  • I have conducted interviews for experience resources and fresher. I am regular part of campus recruitment at IISC and IITs.

On Project Management

  • Budget Management: I am responsible for budget preparation  and approvals.
  • Requirement Management: Creation of Statement of work, WPDO and Gathering requirements,
  • Finalizing the architecture and high level design,
  • Doing project planning, costing, resource scheduling till the final submission and closure of the project – calculating EVM.
  • Vendor Management: Interacting and negotiating with Sub-contractors- Creating RPI and evaluating Supplier proposals and managing them.
  • Management reporting, Visual Management and Preparing annual reports. And for Change Board Management.
  • Managing IP and validating prior art for patents.

On Process Improvement and Change

  • I am also involving defining and developing new processes, methods and defining specs for new Tools.
  • I am involved in Change initiative in the Project and Initiated Practical Problem Solving session (PPS) on various subjects using Ishikawa and 5 Why’s techniques


  1. Automatic Standardization and Verification of System Requirement ( )

This patent talk about “Standardizing” the Installation requirements of the aircraft as per “Requirement Based Engineering” and that the same time proposes the automatic validation

  1. System and Method for Transition of Design Data from CAD Models to Fluid Systems Simulation Software

This patent is about algorithm developed to automatically detect and populate the desired geometrical and metadata for used in CFD analysis especially with regard to Flow-master tool

  1. System and method for analyzing arrangement of vehicle and building wire harnesses for EMI ( )

This patent is concerning Analysing arrangement of Electrical harnesses and measuring the Coupling length for given set of harnesses. The patent on the algorithm and methodology of harness selection and measuring the segregation distance between the harnesses for measuring Electro Magnetic Interference.


Airbus India Operations Pvt. Ltd

  • Airbus Annual Award for Excellence 2010: Team Work: Won the first award from Airbus India Operations Pvt. Ltd at Airbus level for Team Work and Project Management.
  • Quarterly Award 2012: Won Award for excellent execution of Equipment Model Management Project
  • Airbus India Operations Pvt. Ltd Annual Team Award 2014 for excellent management of Equipment Model Management Project

3D PLM: Geometric Software Solution Ltd

  • Won Team Annual 2006 for Part Design Project.

Technical Paper publication

·         Communicated one technical paper entitled Rotor Dynamics of Non-Circular Tapered Seals under Turbulent Flow Conditions to Journal-Tribology International

Seminars and Workshops

·         Attended workshops on “Leadership” and

·         “I Lead” workshop at IIM- Bangalore

·         Participated in Seminar Entrepreneurship Development

Major Projects Profile:

Business Configurator Projects

Tacton Configurator (HCL Project)

For large Air Conditioning and Heat Exchanger manufacturer a new configurator is designed based on Tacton Configurator

  • I Involved in developing new ideas/ proposals with regard to business requirement

Lifecycle Business Improvement Projects

PLM Harmonization (Airbus Project)

Airbus has launched new project which aims to harmonize CAD data, Tools and PDM system all over airbus and across all programs. This project target data migration of A380 program designed on CADDS5 and CATIA V4 to CATIA V5 data set. It is for the program A380.

  • I am Airbus India focal and delivery manager of the Project
  • I am responsible to execute this project at Airbus India.
  • I am responsible for Supplier selection writing the RFP and negotiating with them.
  • I am also involved on the defining the migration path along with the studying the technical aspect defining new processes and developing new methods for this migration. This migration was concern with – Electrical and Structures CAD data.

Operational Projects

Equipment Model Management – Operational Activities (Airbus Project)

This activities involves performing CAD quality Checks and Installation Checks on Equipments. It is Operational activities which directly involves working on the aircraft design. These checks are performed are per EIRD Process – Equipment Installation Requirement Dossier

  • I am Project manager and focal of the team for the total team size of 9 people
  • I am responsible bring this Project from Europe to India and set up project at Airbus India.
  • I managed the training and knowledge transfer from Europe to India
  • I am responsible for Supplier selection writing the RFP and negotiating with them.
  • Received Annual Team Award 2014 for the Project

Multi System Physical Architecture – Operational Activities (Airbus Project)

This activity involves developing first architectural layout of the various Aircraft systems called GAM (geometrical allocation mock-ups) layouts. These layouts are used to study the Safety needs and to carry out installation feasibility studies.  These studies are performed are per SIRD Process – System Installation Requirement Dossier. These requirements are stored in DOORS

  • I was Project manager and focal of the team for the total team size of 9 people
  • I was responsible bring this Project from Europe to India and set up project at Airbus India.
  • I managed the training and knowledge transfer from Europe to India
  • Received Airbus Annual Team Award 2010 for successfully managing the transition to India for the Project

Other Project Details

Title: SIRI: System Installation Requirement Identification (Airbus Project)

This is Tool developed as CATIA plug-in using CAA and XML technology. This Tool helps to standardized Aircraft Installation requirements and also helps to do geometrical validation.

Title: ATA92 Segregation Non Compliance Management Tool (Airbus Project)

This is a tool use to measure segregation distance between two electrical harnesses and Electrical Structural Network for Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) and compare against the specification mentioned in the Technical Design Dossier (TDD).

Title: IFCSD: Integrated fuel concept analysis (Airbus Project)

This Tool is use to migrate CAD geometrical and functional attributes from CATIA to Flow-master using native format Flow-master files like FMDNA & EDif files

Title: ELISA (Airbus Project)

This Tool is plug-in to CATIA V5R18. It bridges the gap between 2D Safety analysis done via SARAA Tools (FMEA analysis/ fault tree) and 3D CAD model. It also acts as bridge between the concept phases designs of the Aircraft to final manufacturing phase design.

Title: Integration of Die-maker Tool into CATIA V5 (ESI Projects)

The project involves developing new Workbench and creating new features. It also involves developing automation and knowledge advisor interfaces for the same tool.

Title: CATIA, Part Design Module (Geometric Software /3D PLM Projects)

Project involves developing new tools for CATIA V5 R12 till R6 in Part Design Module. I am involved in developing Form and Contextual features. I have also develop Automation – Marcos for various features.

Title: Impactxoft CAD modeling software (Triad Project)

Project involves developing CAD software for Impactxoft Corporation, U.S.A. I was involved in developing 2D/ 3D modelling tools. This software is based on ACIS kernel and interoperable between Para-Solid kernels.  This is developed on VC++. This project used graphical package – dCubed and Visman. The project extensively uses MFC library function to develop GUI interface.

Title: Pro/Engineer to CATIA.  (Triad Project)

A Bi-directional translation of CATIA V4 and Pro/Engineer – Wildfire and granite kernel. It is an advanced tool that works from within the Pro/ENGINEER environment. Modules are completely integrated within Pro/ENGINEER and have the same ‘look and feel’ as other Pro/ENGINEER applications. The translator was developed in both Synchronous and Asynchronous mode of Pro/ENGINEER.


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