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Human Drones – new urban transportation. Human mounted

…… Vishal NARAYAN

There is new concept on the Human Drones. These drones are not managed from ground below but the person mounted on the drone itself. the drone is equipped with sensors to monitor and adjusted speed, altitude and angel of attack based on mounted person action.

There is head mounted system with camera attached for the person to view the path ahead and action. This drone is advance fly-by-wire concept where every action is monitored and controlled by a backpack computer.

for smooth landing and take off this drone is fitted with landing gear and further enhance safety and auto parachute is attached as backup safety feature in case drones run out of fuel/ charge.

Human Drone

Big Data and CPQ: Myths about CPQ -4

….. Vishal Narayan

CPQ generally deals with the Product configuration. Now to configure any product you need information regarding its

  • Geometry – size, shape
  • Functions
  • Installation condition
  • Material
  • How it will transported
  • What is operating condition
  • What are design parameters
  • What is installation and operating cost
  • What is overheads (burden rate)
  • What is labour rate…. so on and so forth….

Now multiple these parameters with the a typical engineering company’s product line… now you are getting into the huge data .

Now take the scenario where all this data needs to be filtered in say about 30mins and produced to customer.

So now enters the concept of big data. the idea is to have the big data technology for data filtration and perform additional analysis.

Cars, Roads and Life Philosophy

Life is like a road…..

How true :-0

and our life to the vehicle that ride on these road.

Image result for straightest road in the world

Some vehicle reach their destination, some break during the journey, some meet accident and survive, some car just skid off the road ending no where.

some go fast “Speed is a knife that cuts life” some are slow and are left behind…..

Some drive luxury cars and limos…some drive sedan and family car….

some drive alone some with friends others with clan……

some have small car, others have long…………….. CAAAAR

some are chauffeur driven, some are self driven

some car avoid potholes and speed breakers, some jump over them, some get stuck in them, some curse them, some fly over them 🙂

some keep driving, some admire the road the nature, some enjoying driving in oblivion

myths about CPQ – 3

….Vishal Narayan

Continuing with the CPQ technology .

In the market there are two approaches followed by the vendors to sell their CPQ solution

– Based on CRM : Customer Relationship Management namely Salesforce

– Based on CAD: Computer Aided Design namely Solidworks


although on the face of it the approaches seems to radically different

for example various components of CRM


and CAD simply deals with the form, feature and fit of an product.

But these two approaches talk about

– Customer and

– product

Looking at the approaches neither of it is complete in itself.


B’cos the CPQ is all about product and customer. hence any vendor taking only one sided view is bound to lose.

Hence there is needed to have holistic approach to the problem where the design of the product is configured as per the customer rules taking into consideration the CRM concept of customer acquisition.

Hence at the end it can be safely said CPQ is specialized CRM arm will capability to do Product configuration