Self Destructive – Apps

Now a days we cannot think of living without a Smart Phone. And what good a smart phone is without its Apps.

One problem with Apps are then stay on your machine even after their usefulness a over. For example apps for conferences – once the conference is over there is no need of this app on your mobile blocking resource and taking way precious space.

In this article I am talking Self Destructive Apps.

Yes Apps which can un-install itself after a specified time period or gets un-install when you move out is a defined geographically bounded region like a museum premises.

Idea is to create/ build an apps which can be controlled by the creator based on the time, region and connection type.

This can also tied to Mobile number as well as to its IMEI is a unique 15 digit number for your specific phone.

Thus making the apps hack proof and safe guarding the sensitive and personal information of the user.







ISRO to try Moon rover

….. Vishal Narayan

ISRO has is testing it new moon rover for its chandrayaan Project. IT was looking for sutiable site ideally located for easy accessibility and at the same time provide PERFECT condition to reproduce lunar surface.

SURPRISE it did not had to venture long it was avaible in BANGALORE ūüôā

ISRO has decided new test their Moon rover in Bangalore.

Why? ISRO was planning to create artifically facility replicating the lunar surface in one of their test center. but while travelling on the Old Madras Road ( infamous for everything except….) ¬†ISRO hit upon this novel idea of using the stretch for their Moon rover.

With large – Kra- ter ( DO NOT CALL THEM POT cheap) – perfectly present the chanda bhoomi

Only issue (of cource with all of us) there is lot of traffic.When this issue was raised the state offical. They are ready to divert the traffic as soon as project starts. ( with help NAMMA metro project also)

As a true bangaloran I am in for it and of course I would like to ready to extend helping hand and ready too dig more…

Why Indian Manager are biased?

To start this topic i would like first to take you through Indian history.

India is a ancient civilization : TRUE. But ruled for more than 200 years by Mughals and then by Britisher. Which MOLDED native indian mentallity.

From once being the Kings & Queens to the LAND they were subject to …….

Now considering this two-three generation passed under such slavery. How can some one expect the generation after them will be free of this mentality.

In fact it served our nation well. Take the case of IT boom. Big western nation wanted some one to fix their Y2K problem and there comes indians. We did this dirty job for ALMOST free.

and after that things looked good for lousy jobs. And our so called managers are of the opinion that we can ONLY do third grade as they are from the generation which was easy going never bother to venture out ¬†and was camplacent with their Y2k achievement. Jai ho….

And they expect the same…

At this junction I would reader to share their experience of indina manager… how GOOD, how BAD….

See you next time

Microsoft backs Novell’s Suse Linux platform

Microsoft Corp. has embraced Novell Inc.’s open-source software platform, forming a technological truce between two.

The agreement announced Thursday between the world’s largest seller of patent-protected software and a leader in the open-source software movement has potentially important business, technical and legal implications.

The alliance is primarily aimed at the growing number of major companies and government agencies that rely on elements of Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft’s Windows and Linux to run their computers

Microsoft’s patent waiver only applies to users of the Suse Linux platform

How to spot a liar ??

How to spot a liar ??


Lying a such a characteristic of life.


Everyone has to face a liar everyday. An innocent liar or a cimpulsive liar or a liar liar.


Here is ways you can spot a liar or ways you should avoide to be dedected while telling a liar.

Voice : Yes it changes when you tell a lie. It changes from normal to cracking. Pay attention to the voice changes they may in form of speech rate ‚Äď increasing or decreasing and/or change in breathing pattern.


Shifting Eyes: Specically when kids tell. Unfocussed eyes is taken as clasic sign og lying. IF you are ashmed of something and you are made to speak then you avoide eye contact with the audience but with you are not then you tend to increase the gaze.


Body language : whole body movement can tell whether you are lying or not. Watch in change in ‚Äúbase line‚ÄĚ behavior.


Emotional sighs : ‚ÄúFace is mirror of heart.‚ÄĚ Lookout for those ultra-brief facial expression. The micro expression that flirts across people faces often expose what they are truly feeling as oppose to what they want ot convey what they want us to believe.

It is not smile but the way the persom is smiling ad carrying is important and most comman disgish one wars to lie is smile. SO LOOK OUT ūüėČ


Writing : You need to hand writing expert to read whether person is lying. Email or hand written memos you can read and spot a liar.

Liar tends to use use fewer first person pro-nouns because they want o distance themselves from the lie ‚Äď an emotional detachment.

Their sentence structure are short and simple or very elaborate to hide facts nothing like natural.

Why Dassault Systems hegemony ?

I justed wanted to open the discussion on the way CAD world is going? 

Basically there are 3 big players : Dassault Systems (DS), UniGraphic products (UG) & Parametric Technologies (ProE).

The first 2 are big brother while ProE was giant and it is the one who pioneered the parametric technolgy and introduced to the world and they where not able to sustain the growth and slowly fell off.

So is the story of UG, they brought the Ideas software, they have ParaSolid kernal & mid-range software – SolidEdge but they are NOT able to push their sales.

Then what is left РDassault Systems РCATIA & SolidWorks. Although CATIA is in-house product, DS bought the SolidWorks.

So there a small history of the CAD product companies.

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