Human Drones – new urban transportation. Human mounted

…… Vishal NARAYAN

There is new concept on the Human Drones. These drones are not managed from ground below but the person mounted on the drone itself. the drone is equipped with sensors to monitor and adjusted speed, altitude and angel of attack based on mounted person action.

There is head mounted system with camera attached for the person to view the path ahead and action. This drone is advance fly-by-wire concept where every action is monitored and controlled by a backpack computer.

for smooth landing and take off this drone is fitted with landing gear and further enhance safety and auto parachute is attached as backup safety feature in case drones run out of fuel/ charge.

Human Drone


Airbus Moves to HPC for Big data Analysis

…Vishal Narayan

23 July 2015

There was interesting article on “The Super computing Strategy That Makes Airbus Soar”(  )

This now the next target of Airbus to invest in High Performance computation. This technology would further enhanced Airbus ability to do bid data analysis real time.

As the generated per aircraft reaches gigantic proportions -” Airbus Puts 10,000 Sensors in Every Single Wing!’ ( and aircraft manufactured are pressed hard to provide quick solutions this HPC will be extensive used and would prove to be backbone on future aircraft MROs