Cars, Roads and Life Philosophy

Life is like a road…..

How true :-0

and our life to the vehicle that ride on these road.

Image result for straightest road in the world

Some vehicle reach their destination, some break during the journey, some meet accident and survive, some car just skid off the road ending no where.

some go fast “Speed is a knife that cuts life” some are slow and are left behind…..

Some drive luxury cars and limos…some drive sedan and family car….

some drive alone some with friends others with clan……

some have small car, others have long…………….. CAAAAR

some are chauffeur driven, some are self driven

some car avoid potholes and speed breakers, some jump over them, some get stuck in them, some curse them, some fly over them 🙂

some keep driving, some admire the road the nature, some enjoying driving in oblivion


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