myths about CPQ – 3

….Vishal Narayan

Continuing with the CPQ technology .

In the market there are two approaches followed by the vendors to sell their CPQ solution

– Based on CRM : Customer Relationship Management namely Salesforce

– Based on CAD: Computer Aided Design namely Solidworks


although on the face of it the approaches seems to radically different

for example various components of CRM


and CAD simply deals with the form, feature and fit of an product.

But these two approaches talk about

– Customer and

– product

Looking at the approaches neither of it is complete in itself.


B’cos the CPQ is all about product and customer. hence any vendor taking only one sided view is bound to lose.

Hence there is needed to have holistic approach to the problem where the design of the product is configured as per the customer rules taking into consideration the CRM concept of customer acquisition.

Hence at the end it can be safely said CPQ is specialized CRM arm will capability to do Product configuration


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