life time supply of Body parts Next big thing in Technology : Human Cloning – 1

….  Vishal Narayan

Yes next big thing is human cloning.

It is a fact human are always looking for fountain of youth. they always want to look young.

so answer to this problem is human cloning. Yes, as in computer we do a back up similar would be the case with the cloing techniques

As you are born your clone will be bone and it sell feed and grown as you grow and naturally in case in any organ failure or some accident where your body part is destroyed then this clone will come handy.It is this clone that will help you replace the body part with it own part.

Thus you are reborn.

The clones can give you new skin, new eye, new kidneys. after severing its purpose  the current will be destroyed and new clone would be created

this will ensure life time supply of body parts to you.


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