Questioning the CPQ: Configuring question for CPQ

….. Vishal Narayan

Lets start with

Einstein said: “If I were given an hour in which to do a problem upon which my life depended, I would spend 40 minutes studying it, 15 minutes reviewing it and 5 minutes solving it.”

It is important as in other areas not only in CPQ that you should state the requirements in an unambiguous manner. This is very critical in case of CPQ as CPQ software is “costumer facing”.

This is where product configuration happens along with customer so it not one of back hand processes where sales person feeds data after obtaining information from customer. it is where LIVE data are feed in front of customers and outcome is there for customers to see – whether it is in form of Design data or the Price.

So before CPQ software is launched it is very important that sales team as formulated a complete requirement as per their CPQ system. This home work is needed as saves time and embarrassment in front of customer.

The basic problem in translating the customer needs into system requirement is non standardize way of stating the requirements. This misunderstanding may be b’cos of many things:-

– lack of technical knowledge

– lack of time spend with customers

best way to avoid this is to have an Requirement Standardization Module as a part of CPQ software where this model will be able to translate customer needs into more System understandable language which in turn improve the search capabilities of the system and result in fast turn around time.

This will also help customer formulate his needs in more systematic manner and help him eliminate waste.

For the sellers it will help them provide solutions as now they have more structured needs and there would not be any scope of miss matching between client and supplier.

This standardization of configuration question will also help sellers in pre-preparing themselves, help in data mining.

It will also help prepare “What-if” scenarios (I will talk in another blog).

hence the essence is to configure the configuration question so as to avoid mismatch between supplier and customer and also the  follow up process.

After-all configuration is standardization of product selling process.


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