myths about CPQ – 1

….. Vishal Narayan

Let us look and break down myths about sales and how CPQ solutions helps?

First the more complex the sale, the more players become involved, means more time and more effort more (mis)communication and more waste resulting in higher cost.

So use CPQ it is centralized Tool with collaborative platform and embedded workflow.

This means that on same sales or quote number of members can work simultaneously and with workflow management approvals can be done faster.

So having more player is answered by collaborative platform and workflow answers the turnaround time for approvals

CPQ is only for complex. It is true and not so as well.

Well yes more complex the product more detail is needed to finalize the product more useful is the CPQ tool but with the advent of eCommerce or B2C segment even for simple productline CPQ is becoming an integral tool.

It in fact empowers the end customer to mix and match and create product to his taste. This sense of empowerment is in ti self a great tool to retain customers.


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