ISRO to try Moon rover

….. Vishal Narayan

ISRO has is testing it new moon rover for its chandrayaan Project. IT was looking for sutiable site ideally located for easy accessibility and at the same time provide PERFECT condition to reproduce lunar surface.

SURPRISE it did not had to venture long it was avaible in BANGALORE 🙂

ISRO has decided new test their Moon rover in Bangalore.

Why? ISRO was planning to create artifically facility replicating the lunar surface in one of their test center. but while travelling on the Old Madras Road ( infamous for everything except….)  ISRO hit upon this novel idea of using the stretch for their Moon rover.

With large – Kra- ter ( DO NOT CALL THEM POT cheap) – perfectly present the chanda bhoomi

Only issue (of cource with all of us) there is lot of traffic.When this issue was raised the state offical. They are ready to divert the traffic as soon as project starts. ( with help NAMMA metro project also)

As a true bangaloran I am in for it and of course I would like to ready to extend helping hand and ready too dig more…


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