Why Indian Manager are biased?

To start this topic i would like first to take you through Indian history.

India is a ancient civilization : TRUE. But ruled for more than 200 years by Mughals and then by Britisher. Which MOLDED native indian mentallity.

From once being the Kings & Queens to the LAND they were subject to …….

Now considering this two-three generation passed under such slavery. How can some one expect the generation after them will be free of this mentality.

In fact it served our nation well. Take the case of IT boom. Big western nation wanted some one to fix their Y2K problem and there comes indians. We did this dirty job for ALMOST free.

and after that things looked good for lousy jobs. And our so called managers are of the opinion that we can ONLY do third grade as they are from the generation which was easy going never bother to venture out  and was camplacent with their Y2k achievement. Jai ho….

And they expect the same…

At this junction I would reader to share their experience of indina manager… how GOOD, how BAD….

See you next time


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