My social life and clash with Indian Cultural Life

My social life and clash with indian way..
Who am I? and for what God has send me in this world?

Is being born as human is greatest gift or biggest curse?

My nationalisty is Indian… and I am part of Indian Information technology brain. I work for European company and MNC ( multi national company) whose HQ is in Paris and is known for its CAE products …. impressive isn’t it…. So life is cool !!!!! NO it is not …..

I work late hours I have to stay late in the evening to INTERACT with my clients and bosses who come their time and fiercely gaurd their time and don’t respect mine… another form of slavery you can say… but here you can dis-own your bosses…. just joking…..

So staying late in office so no social life and  very essence of indian society is gone. Indian society stresses so much on family life, social life… you should talk know neighbour concepts… but with odd timing do you thing I can do anything…..

Even if I wish to visit some friend they may not be interested in inviting me at their home rather they would treat me in a resturant so… there is no presonal touch to this and both treat this as offical meeting cur dinner … only difference is bill payment…. 😉

anyway this is my social life… difficult to explain to my parents. My father has a government job … so difficult preposition…..


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