How hoarding can take up physical and emotional bonding

The stock-up syndrome. How hoarding can take up physical and emotional bonding.

The house is overflowing with junk accumulated over all those years of …..


Signs of packrat !!! You are if you keep ticket stubs for all movies you went to , all the boarding passes, all the stolen crockery ;-), school answer sheet showing 10/10 marks of course the failed one, all the greeting cards, gift wrapping papers from gifts you received on your 7th birthday. Then you are……………..


Human are “hunter-gather” ( old pre historic occupation ) some collect precious things like antique, painting and coins and stamps other collect useful things like used gift wrappers or fountain pen used in 1995 ( I was in 8th std at that time J )


We don’t throw away our “Mills & Boons”. When we start cleaning this junk ( sorry for calling this junk… JUNK) b’cos of our emotional bonding with the object we have trouble in evaluating its TRUE worth otherwise how could you explain boarding passes you have been to place and come back with any incident… fine!!!

What is use of having photographs of person whom you cannot recognize?

Don’t get caught up in these emotional things and don’t attach to much importance to material give importance to person wishes who gave you the gift..



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