Do you want to apply a color to:

– the whole solid body
– or features within the body
– or faces ?

You can set the color of the main part body using
CATIPartRequest::GetMainBody to get the body and CATIVisProperties on that body.
I don’t have experience with the other cases.
Here’s my code which starts from a CATDocument. If you have another CATPart-related interface you might be able to skip some steps below:
// input is CATDocument *pDocument

CATIPrtContainer_var spiPrtCont;

//retrieve a CATIContainerOfDocument interface on the CATPart document
CATIContainerOfDocument * piContainerOfDoc = NULL;
hr = pDocument->QueryInterface(IID_CATIContainerOfDocument, (void**) &piContainerOfDoc);
if (FAILED(hr) || (piContainerOfDoc == NULL)) {
// cout<< “Cannot find interface CATIContainerOfDocument on CATPart” <<endl;
return E_FAIL;

//with this interface, retrieve the specification container
//Note: the specification container (CATPrtCont), contains the mechanical features
// of a document
CATIContainer *piSpecContainer = NULL;
if (piSpecContainer)
spiPrtCont = piSpecContainer;

piSpecContainer->Release();piSpecContainer= NULL;
if (!!spiPrtCont)
hr = S_OK;
// 3 – Retrieve MechanicalPart feature //
//cout << ” — Retrieve MechanicalPart feature –” << endl;
CATISpecObject_var spPartAsSpec = spiPrtCont->GetPart();
if (spPartAsSpec == NULL_var)
return E_FAIL;

CATIPartRequest_var spPartAsRequest= spPartAsSpec;
if (spPartAsRequest == NULL_var)
return E_FAIL;

// 4 – Retrieve MainBody
//cout << ” — Retrieve MainBody –” << endl;
hr = spPartAsRequest->GetMainBody (“”, spUKMainPartBody);
if (spUKMainPartBody == NULL_var)
return E_FAIL;


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