….. Vishal Narayan

Running CNext outside MS Visual C++

You should select Start->Program->CATIA_P3->Tools->EnvironmentEditor, not Start->Programs->CAA_RADE->EnvironmentEditor. The former works,while the latter will do wrong.
Your procedure is correct. There could be problem with environment creation.
Whether it has put CATIA icon on desktop? Sometimes for wrong environment creation, it just puts folder icon.
One possible problem is about spaces. It does not work with spaces in directory path, neither there should be any spaces before/after semicolon.
You will have to create the environment for your application.
Go to Start->Program->CATIA_P3->Tools->EnvironmentEditor
It will open the EnvironmentEditor.
Say Environment->New
Give some name for ur application.
In the field of installation path :Add semicolon after the catia intallation path
Add your application path (path just before the intel_a)
check for Add Desktop Icon.
Say ok.

It will create a Icon with the given name on desktop , Now run this, it should run ur application.


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