My kingdom for a house !!!

My kingdom for a house !!!

Todat – 23 October 2006 , I read an article in “Metro Plus” of The Hindu newspaper
( Bangalore edition)

The article describes the house hunting experience in Bangalore. It opens with following line “ House hunting in Bangalore in not a cakewalk”. And I am the victim of the same.

Here I am sharing with you my experiences and lessons which I learned.
I am softare engineer- a big black spot. Why ?
Well the moment you tell the broker/ landlord that you are from the software industry 
( IT ), the rent is doubled simply doubled …..
So never ever tell that you are from IT. It is not the right place to boost your profession keep it for pubs & clubs and other places.

Second you are purest of  the pure vegetarian. You don’t know how to spell meat, fish or egg. You switch off TV when hey show “Roz khao aande” adv.
Third if you are married – thank you being married only place where your wife comes to your help. So “carry” your wife and your marriage certificate – in case you don’t look like her husband 😉
And if you are not then… what can I say… carry wedding card which you can show to owner and tell that you going to get marry soon. ( good ploy I don’t know how many times it will succeed )
And take heavy breakfast when hunting for house. B’cos you don’t know when you will get your next lunch. I had to go without lunch for three days…
There is no need to buy those “FreeAds” newspaper as they just have the number of borkers not real owners.
Once you meet one broker keep remaining him that you are talking to that broker, this broker.. you can really invent name… just to keep him on toe so that he does not loses his commission…

Happy House Hunting ……


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