Seven Hills of Tirupati, Balaji Venkateswara

Seven Hills of Tirupati

Tirupati. Adobe of Lord Venkatesware, Balaji.

Short note :
Once Lord asked Saga Narda for a suitable place on earth where he could abide during kaliyug Saga Narda suggesed a place – Tirupati by the banks of the river Svarnamukhi. The Lord was please. Since the Lord was about to settle and for long time – full kalyug period the place needs to fit for the Lord – Heaven needs to be brought down. Hence Adisesha couch of the Lord decided to take the form of hill at Tirumala.

There are 7 hills in all at Truimala. And each has interesting naming – religious story associcated with them.

Now the hills

1. Garuradri
The bore incarnation of Lord when saving mother Earth from the demon Hiranyaaksha. Mother Earth asked the Lord to stay with her then Lord asked Garuda to bring Heaven and so the name Garun aadri.
It is believed the Varaha incarnaton of Lord lives upon Tirumala And theres is place called – Varaha Pushkaarni

2. Vrishabadri
named after demon Vrishaaba sur deveotee of Lord When he died he requested Lord to name hill after him

3. Anjanadri
Only hill named after female devotee of the Lord. Mother of Lord Hanuman

4. Sesh aadri
Named after the Lord couch – cobra Sesh when Lord decided to settle on Earth.

5. Venkataadri.
“Ven” – sanskrit world for sin & “Kaata” which burns. So Venkataadri a place which will birn all the sins. It is on th hill the Lord temple is situated.

6. Narayanadri.
Named after muni Narayan rishi.

7. Neelaadri

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