How to spot a liar ??

How to spot a liar ??


Lying a such a characteristic of life.


Everyone has to face a liar everyday. An innocent liar or a cimpulsive liar or a liar liar.


Here is ways you can spot a liar or ways you should avoide to be dedected while telling a liar.

Voice : Yes it changes when you tell a lie. It changes from normal to cracking. Pay attention to the voice changes they may in form of speech rate – increasing or decreasing and/or change in breathing pattern.


Shifting Eyes: Specically when kids tell. Unfocussed eyes is taken as clasic sign og lying. IF you are ashmed of something and you are made to speak then you avoide eye contact with the audience but with you are not then you tend to increase the gaze.


Body language : whole body movement can tell whether you are lying or not. Watch in change in “base line” behavior.


Emotional sighs : “Face is mirror of heart.” Lookout for those ultra-brief facial expression. The micro expression that flirts across people faces often expose what they are truly feeling as oppose to what they want ot convey what they want us to believe.

It is not smile but the way the persom is smiling ad carrying is important and most comman disgish one wars to lie is smile. SO LOOK OUT 😉


Writing : You need to hand writing expert to read whether person is lying. Email or hand written memos you can read and spot a liar.

Liar tends to use use fewer first person pro-nouns because they want o distance themselves from the lie – an emotional detachment.

Their sentence structure are short and simple or very elaborate to hide facts nothing like natural.


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