Why Dassault Systems hegemony ?

I justed wanted to open the discussion on the way CAD world is going? 

Basically there are 3 big players : Dassault Systems (DS), UniGraphic products (UG) & Parametric Technologies (ProE).

The first 2 are big brother while ProE was giant and it is the one who pioneered the parametric technolgy and introduced to the world and they where not able to sustain the growth and slowly fell off.

So is the story of UG, they brought the Ideas software, they have ParaSolid kernal & mid-range software – SolidEdge but they are NOT able to push their sales.

Then what is left – Dassault Systems – CATIA & SolidWorks. Although CATIA is in-house product, DS bought the SolidWorks.

So there a small history of the CAD product companies.

Why is CAD package needed?

As turn around time for product decreases there is big presure on companies to evolve as to customer requirements. They should solve user problem problem FAST… lightening fast.

Now take the example of car desinging. Previously, to design single car it took years. First a rough sketch on paper was made then that was finalized after number of interations. Testing was done on caly models with resulted in more design changes and safety tests are conducted on prototypes and further modification are done.

Then it is represented to potential customer who give their feedback which is again resulted on desing modification. So the process involved lot of paper & pencil work. Which was not only tedious work but also curb the instinct for creativity as designer is under pressure to give the product fast he/she re-uses the tested models.

But with CAD tools coming to his help he/she can play with ideas and come up with something new and radical. And of course designer can copy-paste from existing time tested models.

It is ease of designing and this design can directly be translated into manufacturing code.

now coming to the main topic – Why Dassault Systems ?

Why should we buy Dassault Systems product? Why b’cos they have all the solution to your CAD problems from conceiveing idea to designing it – to virtual manufacturing to storage.

While continue is second… too long for blog 🙂


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