CATIA is 3D CAD modeling tools.

 There are 2 user of CATIA – Designer ( major) & developer ( minor)

Being a 3D designing tool most of the CATIA user are designer who use this tool to design. To its credit is Boeing using CATIA V5 tool to develop it 7E7 aircraft… Great Fleet.

” From the beginning of the 777 program, the three key participants in the system — Boeing, Dassault Systemes and IBM — developed a “working together” agreement signed by their respective chief executive officers.

The three companies made a commitment in the agreement to deliver products and services on schedule to the 777 program computer-users.

Yes CATIA V5 is indeed success story.

Even big automobile are using this software. Toyota has more than 1000 licenses of CATIA.

But that does not mean that these companies totally depend on one CAD software.

Because of economics. Yes they cannot allow one company to monopolize the industry as they will become handicap. As they will be at software company “beck and call”, although Dassault Systems are trying to build verticals but I doubt the company will play into their hands and will buy complete solution from them .

A good example in this case is FORD motors. They were heavily dependent on Ideas ( Now a dead product – after being over taken by EDS – Unigraphic ). Once Ideas software lost steam FORD was lost. And migrating to new modeling software means translating legency data which resulted in great loss of data and some cases thef ( it is TRUE !!! )

Before we continue discussing the ownership problem I will give you list of software of Dassault Software:-

CATIA V5              – High end 3D designing tool

SolidWorks            – Med range 3D designing tool.

Team Center        – Small PDM

LCA/ VPM           – large & OLD PLM systems ( french way ).

Enovia                  – New & improved ( I have my doubts I will tell you why later. ) PLM

Matrix One         – Again tested PLM systems They recented bought this.

Abaqus                –  Finite Element Analysis Software. VERY VERY …. EXCITING 

Yes they are putting everything together under one umbrella. Which is good and bad in ways.

Good b’cos there is no loss of data when moving from one software to another and bad for you are to much dependent on one company

And if you company does not happen to be BIG there forget it that you will get customize solution to your problem.


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