Why we work ?

Small story… I know it is silly but 🙂

A small kid was sitting watching Television (TV). His father asked – Why are you not studing ? He asked – ” What will happen if I study?”. “You will gain knowledge and then you will get good job.”

Boy asked – “What after I get good job”.

His father replied – “You will good money.” Boy – “Then?” “Then”, father said “You can relax and enjoy you old age.”

“That is what I am going right now”, said boy.


So we work to enjoy our old age ? Or we work to enjoy today… ( Today is biggest gift GOD has given that is why it is called – PRESENT ).

 There is one more interesting thing…

Swami Vivekananda said – “We work more efficiently if we work without any passion – no anger, no hatred, no love. As we are not emotionally attached to work we work with more sincerely. ”

But someone said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

So where we stand…..

THNIK (A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is a visible labor and there is an invisible labor)


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