How much religious WE are???


How much religious we are ? Are we more religious as more miracles are happening today……

Ganesha drinking milk, Sea water turning sweet, Tear drops from Vir. Mary…. or doomsday is near ??? And these are signs…..

Secondly how can we measure our devotion ??? Is there a test ( a common test for all religion – forget about all religion – different sect in the same parent religion…. why was there no effort to develop such a psychometric test) for measuring human mind religious bend ???

Which part of human brain with host our religious beliefs… ???

And how could one explain….. following 

Santhara – the Jain practice of fasting unto death.


Jehad – a holy war waged by Muslims against infidels.  And how going to take the trouble of defining these “infidels” ??? 


we are living in biggest lie as is said – “That we see people dying all around us and never think that we too will die.”

No I am not trying to deviate from the topic “How religious we are?” I am just opening a small window of discussion…. whether what era we are living is more mature and  – materialistic advance or we are MORE religious than our parents and GOD has showered more blessing on us…



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