Origami screen for mobile

Future of mobile origami mobiles. In future will get foldable mobile as Origami mobiles. Which can be folded in small bag but at the same time can be spread to watch movies in big screen


Self Destructive – Apps

Now a days we cannot think of living without a Smart Phone. And what good a smart phone is without its Apps.

One problem with Apps are then stay on your machine even after their usefulness a over. For example apps for conferences – once the conference is over there is no need of this app on your mobile blocking resource and taking way precious space.

In this article I am talking Self Destructive Apps.

Yes Apps which can un-install itself after a specified time period or gets un-install when you move out is a defined geographically bounded region like a museum premises.

Idea is to create/ build an apps which can be controlled by the creator based on the time, region and connection type.

This can also tied to Mobile number as well as to its IMEI is a unique 15 digit number for your specific phone.

Thus making the apps hack proof and safe guarding the sensitive and personal information of the user.






Bond using – Vacuum Capsule

An interesting concept – to create a vacuum capsule.

Today when we want to stick two parts either we use mechanical systems/ locks or a chemical to bond two parts.

Now with vacuum capsule which can be placed between two parts and can be imploded to create small vacuum between the two surfaces and then the parts stick.

This is useful for the where we do not want to use chemical due to their cohesive nature and where mechanical system cannot be applied due to space constraints.

As this capsule will be contained between the parts themselves there is no additional space needed.

Vishal Narayan